Faith Girls Connect: December 2020

Session 5 of the Entrusted collection suspended us right between the third and fourth chapters of 2 Timothy. We regarded at the complexity and camaraderie of a servant’s life. Wouldn’t sanctification be so much simpler if there weren’t a lot of people in our life? We started chapter three of 2 Timothy with Paul telling us that not only will or not it’s perilous times due to circumstances around us, Stag tv show but the last days would be perilous times as a result of of individuals. He talks about what people might be like. We’re right in the middle of Paul telling us all of the issues that are going to go array and 2 Timothy chapter 4 tells us issues that have gone array with folks due to relationships. He ends it up with such a tenderness and love. You notice how much people have meant to apostle Paul. We see one thing wonderful about Paul – something that we must replicate in our personal life, if we’re going to have joy whereas right here on this journey.